We are seeking an individual to act as our on-base JBLM Community Lead for BaseHubs. In this remote part-time role, you’ll help build our community of BaseHubs users, act as a subject matter expert on our app, and provide input for our product roadmap.


You'll have a flexible schedule, ownership of your work, supportive team members, and will operate in a welcoming environment. We have experienced leadership and an established, dynamic board supporting your efforts. 

​Your background, experience, and skills are important, of course. We believe those things can take many different forms. In fact, we hope it does. No resume guarantees success. We hope to hear from people who come from overlooked communities; those who have taken unusual paths to get where they are; people who have been discounted, and might have something to prove.


If you’ve had the interest and skills that suit the startup world, but haven’t been able to break through into a first job in that field, this might be the role for you. If you have a family, or other commitments that require you to set your own schedule, this might be the role for you. If you enjoy being a “go-to” information resource for friends and family, this might be the role for you. If you enjoy exploring new places and trying new businesses, this might be the role for you.


  • Grow the number of people using our app. You’ll act as an advocate, sharing the benefits, collecting feedback, and helping the BaseHubs team build the app that helps military families every day.

  • Be an active expert on the BaseHubs app. This will include rating and reviewing businesses in the community, and being a resource for others who do the same. 

  • Act as a liaison with partner organizations, both inside and outside JBLM.

  • Estimate of 10 hours/week


  • Adept at using new technologies, and being someone others turn to for advice on those tools. 

  • Use an iOS mobile device (Android is coming soon!)

  • A natural networker, both online and in the real world. Being an active, engaged, positive user of social media is a plus.

  • Enjoy exploring the community around JBLM, and sharing your opinions.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Time management and planning skills

  • Ability to work across multiple aspects of the business

  • Ability to work independently, while thriving in a team environment