GROwing your business with basehubs

Do you trust the reviews you read online?

Consumers today have a wealth of information at their fingertips, but the Internet is plagued by unreliable reviews for products and services. It's not straightforward for consumers to discern which sources they can trust before making a purchase. As a result, great businesses like yours get lost in the noise.

BaseHubs is built on real reviews from real people. We're focused on trust and relevance, so the military community will always be able to find reliable information, bringing the right customers to the right businesses. Our aim is not to cast aside quality and relevance in order to build the biggest possible user base. BaseHubs is exclusively for, and in service of, our military community. We use as our “velvet rope”, which ensures that BaseHubs users are verified members of the military community.

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Identity & Exclusivity

People on BaseHubs are more likely to become your loyal customers because of our app's exclusivity and relevance to the military community. This is a group of people who have real names and verified identities, live in the same area, and even likely see one another on base. That creates a much different environment than other services, plagued by anonymous trolls and nameless users with an ax to grind.

Made for the Military, by the Military

Yes, we have developers and other team members (including veterans) who are building the foundation of our service. However, BaseHubs is about the people in our community. Their recommendations, reviews, and opinions on local businesses are what really make BaseHubs. Partner with us and bring greater awareness of your business to the market for active-duty military members, veterans, and military families.

Stand Out From the Competition

They say good news travels fast, and that's especially true on BaseHubs. When someone in the military community has a great experience with your company, there's no better place to get the word out than BaseHubs. The businesses who join the app during our launch have the added benefit of standing out from the competition before we open the app to the rest of the businesses in the area.

Military Discounts and Veteran Status

BaseHubs is the perfect platform to advertise a military discount directly to the community and increase traffic. You also get the ability to customize your business listing to include a “Veteran Owned and Operated” status.

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Partnership During the BaseHubs Launch

The last year and a half has been the most challenging period that many businesses have ever faced. That fact has been at the forefront of every planning discussion at BaseHubs. We knew we had to build an effective and low-cost way to drive business to local companies. 


Businesses joining BaseHubs during our launch will receive a 30-day trial to access all of our listing features at no cost. We greatly appreciate your feedback on the ways we can improve our app to better serve your business and community. If you enjoy working with us and decide to continue, our subscription fees are an affordable $99/month. That's it. No add-ons or upsells. No sudden algorithm changes that increase your costs. We have built our company to be the most affordable, efficient, and valuable partner you have in reaching the military community.


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