Why basehubs?

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Supporting Local Businesses

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Trust & Relevance

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Military Community

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Made for the Military, by the Military

Yes, we have developers and other team members (including veterans) who are building the foundation of our service. However, BaseHubs is about the people in our community. Their recommendations, reviews, and opinions on local businesses are what really make BaseHubs.

Identity & Exclusivity

The BaseHubs community consists of members with real names and verified identities, who live in the same area, and even likely see one another on base. That creates a much different environment than other services, plagued by anonymous trolls and nameless users with an ax to grind.

Military Discounts and
Veteran-Owned Status

BaseHubs is the perfect platform to advertise a military discount directly to the community and increase traffic. You also get the ability to customize your business listing to include a “Veteran Owned” status if applicable.

$99/month Premium Listing

No add-ons, upsells, or algorithm changes that change the price of your listing

Register to get 30 days to access all listing features at no cost.

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