• Jeff Lanctot

BaseHubs: Now in the App Store

Over the last few weeks, we've been excited to get feedback from our community of users and launch customers. Receiving such positive reinforcement on what we're building at BaseHubs has given us a real boost. So much so that we've accelerated our plans, and as of today, we are now live in Apple's App Store. No more wait list! Special thanks to our developer team for making this happen ahead of schedule. Many more features and updates are on the way, along with some great offers that will be made available to the community after Thanksgiving.

Now that we're available for all military families and Veterans, here's what to know:

Categories on the home page are now presented based on the type of businesses that are getting the most attention from the community. The same is true for recommended businesses in your JBLM Hub.

We've added messages from the business owner/manager. This was a request from people who tested the beta version of the app. It's really valuable to know how a business works with the military, and this area is a chance to hear directly from them.

We've added many new businesses over the last month, across a number of categories that our community has cited as valuable. We're committed to making BaseHubs the most trusted and relevant resource for shopping locally, and we're excited to be adding so many businesses that serve military families.

Ok, we don't have ALL the businesses yet. Is there a place you love, that you think other military families should know about? We've added the ability to recommend a business. Send your favorites our way, and we'll get to work on it.